INMED Professional Certificate Course in International Medicine & Public Health 2021 Late Fall Sylla
INMED Professional Certificate Course in International Medicine & Public Health 2021 Late Fall Sylla
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Promotinghealthinalowresourceand/orcross-culturalsettingpresents specialchallenges,andrequiresparticularskills.Thiscomprehensivecourse enhances expertise in diseases of poverty, low-resource HIV medicine, maternal-newborn health, clinical skills for low-resource settings, internationalpublichealth,cross-culturalskills,disastermanagement,low- resourcehealthleadership,andhealthcareeducation.

Competency Objectives:

At the completion of the INMED Professional Certificate Course in InternationalMedicine&PublicHealthlearnerswillbeabletodemonstrate using case-studies andsimulation:





      Skillincommunity-widehealthpromotionanddeath/disability prevention

       Culturally appropriatehealthcare

       Proficiency in disaster mitigation andresponse


•       Transfer of healthcare skills to other personnel Timeframes:

This Professional Certificate Course includes 8 weeks of structured learning and assignments due each Sunday night. Each week includes a required virtual class with the faculty for discussions, simulations, case studies and final exams. This weekly required virtual class may last up to 120 minutes.

Academic Credit:

Completionofthiscourserequirementsearnstencredithoursofacademic credit.

Admissions Requirements:

      CurrentlyenrolledinMedical;Pharmacy;Dental;PhysicianAssistant program(or)

      ActiveMD/DO;PharmD;DDS;orPAclinicallicensethatisingood standing

Computing Requirements:

Thefollowingaretheminimumcomputingrequirementsforparticipating this course. Students must have ready access to and be functionally proficientwith:

      Apersonalcomputerwithanup-to-dateoperatingsystemandample memory for downloads. A rectangular monitor (desktop or tablet) is highlypreferableforcoursenavigation.

      Awebbrowser,preferablythemostup-to-dateversionofChrome, InternetExplorer,Firefox,orSafari

      ApplicationscapableofopeningandeditingMicrosoftWord documentsandofviewingPDFs

       An Internet connection, preferably highspeed

       CapabilityofviewingYouTubeandVimeovideos EducationMethods:

Learnerswillachievethecoursecompetencyobjectivesthroughthe following educationalcomponents:


       Case studies providinganalysis


•       Projects for exploring personal application

       Skillstationstodeveloptechnicalfacility ReferenceTexts:

INMED International Medicine & Public Health

Author: Nicholas Comninellis, MD, MPH

Publisher: Institute for International Medicine, 2012 400 pages

Weekly Assignments:

Required weekly virtual class with course faculty for up to 120 minutes to discuss assigned lessons, chapters, articles, forum discussions andquestions.

Wednesdays at 7pm Central Standard Time INMED

Clinical Health Week One: Diseases of Poverty, Part One Oct 18-24

Learning Content:

LessonOne:IntroductiontoDiseasesof Poverty Lesson Two: Malnutrition

Lesson Three: Enteric Infections Lesson Four: Viral Diseases Lesson Five: Malaria

Lesson Six: Syndrome Management

Virtual Classroom Content:

Fighting the Diseases of Poverty Discussion

F-100            FormulationExercise.Gatherthefollowingsuppliesinadvance:

•       Brown or whiter sugar 100 ml (75 gm)



       Mixing bowl oneliter


       Spoon formixing


       Towel for cleaningspills

Assignments to be completed by 11:55 pm, on Sunday:


       Read AssignedArticles

       Complete the Discussion BoardAssignments


Clinical Health Week Two: Diseases of Poverty, Part Two Oct 25-31

Learning Content:

Lesson Seven: Tuberculosis Lesson Eight: Bacterial Infections Lesson Nine: Protozoal Diseases

Lesson Ten: Intestinal Helminth Infections Lesson Eleven: Tissue Helminth Infections Lesson Twelve: Chronic Non-Infectious Diseases

Virtual Classroom Content:

Tropical Medicine Case Studies Surgical

Assignments to be completed by 11:55 pm, on Sunday:

      ParticipateintheINMEDDiseasesofPovertycontent,Lessons7-12, andcompletethePost-Testforthissubject

       Read AssignedArticles

       Complete the Discussion BoardAssignments


Clinical Health Week Three: Low-Resource HIV Medicine Nov 1-7

Learning Content:

LessonOne:IntroductiontotheHIV/AIDSEpidemic Lesson Two: Prevention of HIVInfection

LessonThree:MothertoChildTransmission(MTCT)Prevention Lesson Four: Treatment of HIVInfection

Lesson Five: HIV-Related Opportunistic Diseases Lesson Six: Children & HIV

Virtual Classroom Content:

Tropical Medicine Case Studies Non-Surgical Assignments to be completed by 11:55 pm, on Sunday:

      ParticipateintheINMEDInternationalHIVMedicinecontent,and completethePost-Testforthissubject

       Read AssignedArticles

       Complete the Discussion BoardAssignments


Clinical Health Week Four: Maternal-Newborn Health Nov 8-14

Learning Content:

Lesson One: Surviving Motherhood Lesson Two: Pre & Post Natal Care Lesson Three: Pregnancy Complications

LessonFour:PressingWomen'sDisabilityIssues Lesson Five: Newborn CareOverview

Lesson Six: Healthy Newborn

Lesson Seven: Newborn Problems and Management Lesson Eight: Maternal Newborn Future Vision

Virtual Classroom Content:

High-Risk Low-Resource Maternal Care Presentation Helping Babies Breathe Discussion & Skills Demonstration International Medicine Exam Review

Assignments to be completed by 11:55 pm, on Sunday:


       Read AssignedArticles

       Complete the Discussion BoardAssignments

      Completethepost-partumMaternalPostpartumCareandNewborn CareExercise

Public Health Week One: International Public Health Nov 15-21

Learning Content:

LessonOne:IntroductiontoInternationalPublicHealth LessonTwo:HealthandSocialContext

Lesson Three: Strategy for Health

Lesson Four: Effective Health Promotion

Lesson Five: Effective Disease and Injury Intervention

Virtual Classroom Content:

From Rescue to Resilience Discussion

Oral Rehydration Formulation Exercise. Gather the following supplies in advance:

       1 liter of drinkingwater:



       Mixing bowl oneliter


       Spoon formixing


       Towel for cleaning spills International Clinical Health FinalExam

Assignments to be completed by 11:55 pm, on Sunday:

      ParticipateintheINMEDInternationalPublicHealthcontentand completethePost-Testforthissubject

       Read AssignedArticles

       Complete the Discussion BoardAssignments


PublicHealthWeekTwo:Cross-CulturalSkills,ANDDisasterManagementNov 22-28

Learning Content:

Lesson One: Relevance of Cultures LessonTwo:BasicCross-CulturalSkills

Lesson Three: Healthcare Cross-Cultural Skills Lesson Four: International Cross-CulturalSkills and

Lesson One: Introduction to Disaster Management Lesson Two: Disaster Mitigation

LessonThree:DisasterPreparedness Lesson Four: Disaster Response Lesson Five: DisasterRecovery

Virtual Classroom Content: Cross-Cultural Skills Session

Disaster Management Skills Stations

Assignments to be completed by 11:55 pm, Sunday:

      Participate in the INMED Cross-Cultural Skills and Disaster ManagementcontentandcompletethePost-Testforthesesubjects

       Read AssignedArticles

       Complete the Discussion BoardAssignments



Public Health Week Three: Health Leadership Nov 29-Dec 5

Learning Content:

LessonOne:IntroductiontoInternationalHealthLeadership LessonTwo:StrategyforHealth

Lesson Three: Major International Health Initiatives Lesson Four: How to Lead A Health System

Virtual Classroom Content:

Community Health Survey Exercise

Assignments to be completed by 11:55 pm, Sunday:

      ParticipateintheINMEDHealthLeadershipcontentandcompletethe Post-Tests for thissubject

       Read AssignedArticles

       Complete the Discussion BoardAssignments

      CompletetheselectedInternationalHealthLeadershipCases Exercises

Public Health Week Four: Health Profession Education Dec 6-12

Learning Content:

Lesson One: Skill Transfer and Empowerment Lesson Two: EffectiveLearning

Lesson Three: Effective Teaching Lesson Four: Feedback and Evaluation Lesson Five: Instructional Design

Virtual Classroom Content:

Launching Your International Healthcare Career Discussion Assignments to be completed by 11:55 pm, Sunday:

      ParticipateintheINMEDHealthcareEducationcontentandcomplete thePost-Testforthissubject

•       Read AssignedArticles

•       Complete the Discussion BoardAssignments

•       Complete the Competency Objectives Composition Exercise FinalExam:

AlllearnerswilllogintogetherfortheInternationalPublicHealthFinalExam ontheassigneddateandtime,forupto120minutes.TheofficeClassPhoto will proceed the FinalExam.

Wednesday, Dec 15, 7pm Central Standard Time

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